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Solve your toughest sales challenges with weekly live group coaching sessions.

WHATS INCLUDED: Group Coaching with Anita Sirianni

  • Live group Coaching
    • One hour sessions
    • Conducted every week
  • Sessions are recorded for future access
  • Live Coaching sessions are conducted 11:00 AM ET 8:00 AM PT

Your Instructor

Anita Sirianni
Anita Sirianni

Anita M. Sirianni is a recognized business advisor, executive coach, author and highly energetic corporate trainer. Known for her people problem solving skills and creative sales strategies, Anita has coached hundreds of executives and regular everyday people throughout North America for over two and a half decades.

Anita understands the challenges that face busy professionals and people who know the can live and play at a higher level.

Prior to starting ANSIR International in 1993, Anita served as Director of Education and Director of Sales for several healthcare companies. She received a Bachelor of Science and Dental Hygiene degree from West Liberty University. So, either way—either way, she’ll make you smile!

A life-long learner, Anita is continually involved in self and professional development, certification and coaching programs for over 30 years. Anita shares her expertise on business, sales strategy and self-improvement in various publications throughout North America and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between counselling or therapy, consulting and coaching?
Therapy is looking back into your life and Coaching is looking forward. Therapy often involves psychological problems and is focused on identifying and resolving past issues that interfere with day-to-day functioning. The therapist is in the lead role of the relationship. In consulting, a consultant provides their unbiased expertise and advice to the client. The consulting relationship is directive and performance driven with specific consultant deliverables. The consultant plays the lead role in the relationship guiding or teaching the client as the expert. Coaching is grounded in that the person coming into the relationship does not need to be “fixed” and is on a pathway for improving or moving forward their personal or professional agenda. The coach’s role is to support that movement and to not get in the way by leading or providing direction. The client is in the lead role and identifies what is most important.
When will coaching begin and when will sessions be scheduled?
Generally sessions are every Friday at 11:00 AM ET (8:00 PT). Some exceptions apply, see Monthly Calendar for changes to coaching schedule. Attendance is limited to any enrolled Dental Industry Insider Student. Each week, you will receive a reminder and Call for Coaching 24 hours before each live session. If you wish to be coached, submit your request to [email protected].

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